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You know what? Well, I’m loving more and more this Fashion Friday thing. I love it because I’m very curious and I love discovering every week new amazing designers. I discover so many new dresses and outfits, that sometimes I find myself in a position where it’s impossible for me to decide which one I want to do on my nails. It’s also sometimes a little frustrating. Because I’m afraid to do something that won’t be as good as the original design.

But yesterday, when I was seeking for some inspiration, I found instantly what I wanted. I was looking for bold colors, a colorful dress or outfit, and Roksanda Ilincic is the one who created that dress I didn’t even know I was dreaming of.


She put in this dress everything I was looking for, it’s the perfect illustration of the blur I had in my head.

The colors. Once again, I’m learning a lot from fashion. I wouldn’t have imagined associating this bright orange and kind of lavender blue together. And they look perfect together, right? And fortunately, I immediately knew which colors in my collection I was going to use for this nail-art.

So I took Sunset, Tiffany and Swagger by piCture pOlish, and for the black I took Memento Mori by Cirque, my new favorite black.


I started by painting my nails with the bold colors. On three of my fingers I applied on a first half Sunset, and on the other half Swagger. Then I took some hole reinforcement stickers that I cut in half. I cut them in half for two reasons. 1°/ why wasting a complete sticker when only the half is necessary. 2°/ it sticks better to the nail. I noticed that if you apply an entire hole reinforcement sticker to your nail, it doesn’t stick as well as when it’s cut.

So once my stickers cut, I applied them to my nails and I colored with the black nail polish. It is as simple as it sounds.


On my ring finger, I added a little bit of Tiffany to match the lower part of the dress.

Then with a thin nail-art brush, I cleaned the excess.


On my right hand, I did something almost similar.


And I finished with a generous coat of top coat to glossify (new nail-art term I invented :D) my nails. No need to tell you that these nails look also amazing in the sun :D

I hope you’ll like this mani !

Enjoy the weekend ! 


piCture pOlish, Sunset  12€ in the Pshiiit Boutique or AU$11.00 at
piCture pOlish, Swagger – 12€ in the Pshiiit Boutique or AU$11.00 at
piCture pOlish, Tiffany – 12€ in the Pshiiit Boutique or AU$11.00 at
Cirque, Memento Mori – 13€ in the Pshiiit Boutique or 13$ in the Cirque Colors shop