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Hey there !

I know I’m one day late, but here I am to show you my Fashion Friday nails ! This week was pretty intense, and to be honest, the only thing I was able to do yesterday was sleeping !

For this week’s nails, I wanted something different, more original than usual, less structured. And I think that these Rousseau Jungle shoes created by Sophia Webster for the Resort 2015 collection are exactly what I was looking for !


So, to be honest with you guys, I started this mani yesterday, and at some point I really thought that I was going to give it up. I tried it at least three times on my nails, but none of the times it looked like I wanted it to. I guess that it was because I was tired and the more I was trying, the more I was getting frustrated.

So I decided it was better for me to go to sleep, and give it another shot this morning.

Well this morning, it was way better than yesterday. My green leaves were actually looking like leaves, and I was able to draw very thin lines that didn’t look like if a kid messed up my nails. For my white base, I applied one coat of White On by Sally Hansen. Then for all of the colors used I decided to go with acrylic paints.


So on my index and my little finger you’ll find the sole design, and on my other nails, the green leaves and the purple flowers. My main inspiration came from Sophia’s sketch of the shoes that she published about one month ago on her Instagram account. It was closer to what I was looking to do on my nails.


It’s not a discrete kind of mani, but I really love how the colors look all together. Sometimes I like to have something different than usual on my nails. Also, I have to say that my favorite part of the nails is the kind of tigerish pattern. I think that a mani based only on this orange and yellow gradient, with black stripes, would look great !


I hope you’ll like this mani, and thanks for reading !

Enjoy the weekend !! ❤