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Hey everyone !

How are you doing ? Did you pre-order some ILNP nail polish tonight ? What did you go for ? :D I wanna know !

So tonight I’m here to share with you my Fashion Friday nails ! Once again I was inspired by a dress created by David Koma. I’m really really into his creations. I think it’s definitely one of my favorites fashion designers.


When I saw the dress I knew that it was the kind of design that would look great on my nails :)

Here are the colors I chose to recreate the dress on my nails : Porcelaine by Dior, Swagger by piCture pOlish, and Memento Mori by Cirque. I started by applying two coats of Porcelaine by Dior.

Then I filled a half of my nail with Swagger. I really love the brush of piCture pOlish, because with it you can be precise and draw a straight line without any trouble.


I applied a fast drying top coat and I let my nails dry. Once the nails completely dry, I cut 4 pieces of striping tape per nail, and I placed them as following on my nails : 2 to create the triangle shape and 2 to create the horizontal line. I filled the spaces with black.

Then I quickly removed the striping tape and finished with my top coat. Pretty simple, right? I really love how it turned out on my nails. The colors. The shapes. The little touch of black. Yep I love everything. Also, please excuse my dry hands :s The heat and the swimming pool are definitely damaging them :(

I hope you’ll like this mani as much as I like it :) And thank you for sticking by my Fashion Friday thing. It’s definitely my favorite time of the week !

What are your plans for the weekend ?

xoxo ❤❤


piCture pOlish, Swagger – 12€ in the Pshiiit Boutique or AU$11.00 at
Cirque, Memento Mori – 13€ in the Pshiiit Boutique or 13$ in the Cirque Colors shop
Dior, Porcelaine


  1. You were right – the design does look awesome on nails!! Can’t believe your crisp lines (I always get a naughty piece of tape that lifts and let’s polish through – argh!).
    Can’t wait for next Fashion Friday ;)

  2. Oh wow! I absolutely love these! They’re so simple yet make such a bold statement! And your lines are so clean, that alone is jaw-dropping! Great job!

  3. Yep, just like always I absolutely LOVE EVERYTHING you do. Your taped mani’s are stunning. I’ve only tried one once and it was a recreation of one of yours(the one w/half black & white nail and red baroque) I had to preorder some of ILNP’s spring collection. I got peri me and poetry.