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Hey everyone :)

I’ve been a little moody lately due to some things that are not under my control. But there’s something I can always count on when I need to cheer myself up : nail-art. Last week, someone knocked on my door and handed me a little package that was totally unexpected. In this package I found three nail polishes* from Wojooh. If you don’t live in the Middle-East, Wojooh (وجوه) means literally faces, and Wojooh is the same kind of store as Sephora and it’s the leading Middle East beauty retailer in the Middle East. And they have their own brand of makeup called Wow by Wojooh.

So in my package there were three shades : a coral called Peach Dusk, a fuchsia with blue undertones and blue shimmer called Berry Stain and a purple called Purple Pasha. I immediately was impressed with their consistency. The brush if thin and the formula is flawless. You reach full opacity in only two coats. Also I noticed that they dried pretty fast with a highly glossy finish :) Here are the swatches !

These three shades immediately brought a spring feeling to my mind, which is why I knew I had to combine them to create a spring nail art. So after seeking for the design I liked in my stamping plates, I found the perfect one on the plate QA-92 from Born Pretty Store. The triangle grid was perfect for the reverse stamping that I had in mind.

I started by applying a white base coat to my nails. Then I started preparing my reverse stamping nail strips. Once the design on the stamper, I filled it with my three colors. I let dry a little bit and then I applied to the stamper a generous coat of top coat. I waited around ten minutes before removing my home made nail strip from the stamper, and I adjusted it to my nail.


As it’s a design that was going to fully cover my nail, I applied a top coat before applying my home made nail patch to the nail. Once everything in place, I finished with my top coat. To be honest I didn’t like the mani when it was glossy so I applied a coat of the Matte top coat by OPI to mattify it.

And here it is :) I really love how it turned out. And it looks exactly as what I had in mind. What do you think of that spring nail-art ? :)

If you want, I made a 15 seconds tutorial on my Instagram account :)

Thanks for reading ! ❤❤


Wow by Wojooh, Peach Dusk (332) – 55 AED (≈ 14€) at Wojooh
Wow by Wojooh, Berry Stain (572) – 55 AED(≈ 14€) at Wojooh
Wow by Wojooh, Purple Pasha (642) – 55 AED(≈ 14€) at Wojooh

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  1. This is lovely! I assumed you must have used tape until I read further down your post … these stamping decals are very effective and I love the colours and the matte finish. Very inspiring! :)

    • Thanks Kathryn ! It’s only after doing the stamping decals that I realized that I could have done it with striping tape ! But I think it’s more precise with the stamping decal :D

  2. I’d never heard of Wojooh (وجوه) before but the polishes are absolutely gorgeous! I thought I’d love the fuschia shade better, but the coral PEach Dusk is actually my favourite from the three.
    And, of course, I love the nail art – great colour balance and flawless execution, dear, well done!

    ps. That’s the power of nail art – hope the moody causing things go away soon ;)