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Hey there ! How are you guys doing ? how was the weekend ? :D

While shopping a few days ago, I saw that the Dior Summer 2015 Tie Dye collection was already here in Dubai. Believe I wasn’t expecting it ! This collection is composed of four different nail polishes : a nude Sunkissed, a yellow pastel Sunwashed, a coral pink Sundown and a Tie Dye top coat. To be honest with you, I didn’t care at all about the Tie Dye thing, as the only thing I was interested in was Sunwashed. And my awesome husband decided to buy it for me. Sweet right?

The only similar color I have is A twist of Lemon by ILNP. Sunwashed is a tiny bit darker. It’s a two coater, and I love it because it’s both a soft and bright color ! As usual, you can expect a very nice glossy finish thanks to the flawless Dior formula.

Dior - Sunwashed

Dior - Sunwashed

Of course I wanted to nail-art it. So I started with a little gradient. I mixed a little bit of white and a little bit of Sunwashed on a makeup sponge and I did a very subtle gradient. Then I added a coat of Djinn in a Bottle by Enchanted Polish to smooth everything out. The microscopic holo glitters of Djinn are really perfect for enhancing any kind of gradient you make ! But honestly, this gradient wasn’t enough for me.

I’ve been willing to try one stroke for quite a while now but I never went through. I’ve always admired those of you who are able to handle your brushes so perfectly. I don’t know why but staring at my brushes is enough to stress me out. I’m the kind of person who likes the lines to be perfectly straight, very rigorous, maybe too much, and if you can relate, I’m sure you’ll get it :D Letting go isn’t something easy, but after watching about 35 times Tartofraises’ tutorials, I felt confident, and I started my first one stroke.

Thanks to her tutorials I quickly understood the bases of this technique. But hold on. My nail art is far from perfect, especially compared to what some of you can do ! My lines could be thinner, my gradients smoother, but honestly, before starting to notice every little imperfections, I was pretty proud of my first attempt at one stroke.

Dior - Sunwashed and One Stroke

Dior - Sunwashed and One Stroke

Yes, it didn’t take long for me to start noticing every little imperfections. It even made me doubt wether posting this mani or not. But I really had fun doing it, I loved it, and I wanted to share it with you ! Now, I only want to get better at this technique and to learn more ! So I’m going to try it again and again, until I’m satisfied ! I’ll share my progress here of course :) And if you have any advice, please let me know !

Thanks for reading ! ❤❤


Dior, Sunwashed – Summer 2015 Tie Dye Collection
Enchanted Polish, Djinn in a Bottle


  1. I’m super impressed by your one-stroke flowers! I haven’t had the nerve to try it out yet myself, but maybe I should change that soon! And such a good hubby grabbing you polish – I think you should keep him ;)

  2. You lucky girl!
    Honey, your first attempt looks fabulous! I run away from one stroke because I never know the degree of failness I’ll encounter Hhehehe

  3. I can’t believe this is your first attempt, the flowers are gorgeous! Much lovelier than my own first attempt! I’m a fan of yellow polish too so I love Sunwashed

  4. So. I thought I didn’t need Sunwashed. I was all convinced it was a terrible shade.. and then this happened. Girl, your swatches are flawless! And that nailart is even better <3.

  5. I’m very impressed at your first attempt! It looks awesome! I’ve tried and failed at one-stroke flowers several times, so I’m going to watch those tutorials to see if that will help me at all! :D

  6. Well, I’m in awe of these! I know it’s too easy to be a harsh critic of our own work, so I’ll tell you from an outsiders view these are so lovely! And I can’t wait to try out Dior Sunwashed :D