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Hey there !

I waited quite a long time for this package to arrive, and fortunately it finally found its way home ! While waiting I’ve seen lots of swatches of the Fantasy Collection. And the more I was waiting, the more I was getting excited about this six little nail polishes. I mean, after having a big crush for ILNP‘s flakies, I couldn’t wait to see what the Enchanted Polish flakies looked like.

Enchanted Polish - Fantasy Collection
From left to right : Pegasus, Mermaid, Dragon, Fairy, Siren et Unicorn

First off, I immediately noticed that these Enchanted Polish flakies had nothing in common with the ILNP ones. It seems that the flakies have been crushed until obtaining microscopic particles. Add a holo base and some tiny holo glitters to that, and you’re left with something magic ! I like them a lot. Like a lot lot. But I’ll tell you more about that down below :)

For each swatch I applied one coat of black polish and one coat of flakies. I topped everything with a top coat. Please note that these shades are opaque in 3 coats. But I really prefer how they look over black. Plus it’s the best way to save them :D Now it’s time to dig in ! See you at the end of this post :D


Enchanted Polish - Pegasus Enchanted Polish - Pegasus Enchanted Polish - Pegasus


EnchantedPolish-Unicorn Enchanted Polish - Unicorn Enchanted Polish - Unicorn Enchanted Polish - Unicorn


Enchanted Polish - Fairy Enchanted Polish - Fairy Enchanted Polish - Fairy Enchanted Polish - Fairy


EnchantedPolish-Dragon Enchanted Polish - Dragon Enchanted Polish - Dragon Enchanted Polish - Dragon


EnchantedPolish-Mermaid Enchanted Polish - Mermaid Enchanted Polish - Mermaid Enchanted Polish - Mermaid


EnchantedPolish-Siren Enchanted Polish - Siren Enchanted Polish - Siren Enchanted Polish - Siren

Are you still there ? Are you still alive ? I made a little collage with all of the shades together, so you can really see the differences between them :)

Enchanted Polish - Fantasy Collection Enchanted Polish - Fantasy Collection

DONE. Promise no more pictures :D Well as I said a little earlier I love them. I love them ALL. As usual, Chelsea did a great job with these ones. I prefer them to the ILNP for many reasons. First you can feel that there’s a real work behind these shades. There’s something completely different about them that I haven’t seen yet. I also love how the flakies and the holo base work together. There’s a right amount of everything. It’s not too much. And it’s amazing once on the nails. If I had to choose only one of them, I’d definitely go for Siren. Of course ! The second one I’d choose is Fairy and the third one would be Dragon. This one is pretty incredible, believe me.

Now I can’t wait to know what you think about this collection. I’ve seen that some of you didn’t like it, and I’d love to know why ! :) And for those of you who like it as much as I do, which one is you favorite ? Did you get some of these ?

Thanks for reading !! ❤❤


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  1. They’re all drop dead gorgeous and your swatches are always lovely to see. I’d pick either Fairy or Siren, as the rest seem to all go towards greener, very alike, shades.

  2. Siren is my absolute favorite, but it’s actually really hard to choose, because they are all very pretty :) I love you you captured the sparkles in the macro shots, beautiful pictures and swatches.

  3. I’m crying over your beautiful swatches!! Any EP has been on my wish list for so long, but I can’t seem to find them to an affordable price. These are stunning! Unicorn is my fav of the bunch!