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Hi everyone !

Sorry, I’ve been quite busy this week and therefore I wasn’t able to blog as much as I wanted to. But today I’m back with some new Fashion Friday nails !

As you may know it, most of my inspiration is coming from Pinterest. And one of my inspiration boards is dedicated to Sophia Webster. I love so much her creations. It’s the fourth time that I’m doing nails inspired by her shoes.


I was waiting for the weather to warm-up a bit before creating some nails inspired by these shoes. These are the Jessica Watermelon pumps. I started by picking the nail polishes that matched the shoes :)


As usual, it wasn’t very complicated for me to recreate these on my nails. As on the Rousseau Jungle that I showed you a few weeks ago, we can notice two kinds of patterns. I started with the back of the shoes.

The green line immediately reminded me of a ruffian mani. And that’s what I did on my ring and middle fingers. For the dots, I kind of cheated, as I stamped them.


Then I did the watermelon part on the rest of my nails. In fact I made these nails using the same technique as the ruffian mani. I started with a neon green nail polish, then I added a darker green one, then I added some white and I finished with pink. For each coat you have to leave about 1mm of the underneath nail polish visible to create the ruffian effect. Then I added one single line of black seeds.


Once done, you can finish with your favorite top coat :) I really love how this mani turned out, and I’m definitely going to be wearing it all day :D


Also, I wanted to ask you something. Some of you asked me either through comments or email to allow people to participate to my Fashion Friday thing. So any of you who’d like to take part could. And I’d like to know how you honestly feel about that. Is this something you’d like to be able to do, or would you just prefer me to continue doing the Fashion Friday on my own ? :) Please let me know, so I can try to figure things out !

Thanks for reading ❤❤


  1. I can definitely see why you love Sophia Webster’s creations – this shoes are awe-mazing! And your nail art is absolutely spot on perfect, dear! I love it all, from the colours to how you chose to recreate each pattern. Absolutely love it!
    As for your Fashion Friday, I’d definitely join in, if you were to do it ;) These are fun and a great way to push further on our creativity :)

  2. Wow, I LOVE how this turned out! It is the perfect summer manicure. I have tried to do ruffians but I am so bad at them – you’ve managed to create four perfect layers on your watermelon nails!

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