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Hey there !

Today I’m here to show you my freshly done Fashion Friday nails ! Earlier this week, while surfing on Instagram, I saw these awesome shoes that Agnes bought and shared on her Instagram account. I fell in love with these shoes. I checked at Zara here but they were nowhere to be found, so instead, I decided to get them on my nails.


I started by applying one single coat of black. Currently I’m using Memento Mori by Cirque. I’m using it so much lately that I might need to go to Sephora to buy some black polish soon :D

Then I looked in my drawers and I took these three colors to do my nails : Porcelaine by Dior, Caicos by Kure Bazaar, and Mon Bleu by Kure Bazaar. And I started cutting my striping tape pieces. 10 per nail :)

Fashion Friday - Zara Shoes

Let me tell you that this mani almost drove me crazy. I don’t know why, but my striping tape wasn’t sticking to my nails at all. I tried another one it wasn’t working either. I don’t know if it’s related to the temperature here or what but I was pissed. I tried cleaning my nails to remove any traces of oil that could be on my nails but it didn’t help that much. However, I managed to make some of my striping tape stick.

Fashion Friday - Zara Shoes

Then with a very thin brush, I added the colors to my nails, to make it look like the shoes. I carefully removed the striping tape and finished with a top coat.

Fashion Friday - Zara Shoes

So what do you think about this mani? Do you like it? What could you have done if you had to do nails inspired by these shoes? :)



 Cirque, Memento Mori – 13€ available in the Pshiiit Boutique
 Dior, Porcelaine 
Kure Bazaar, Caicos – 16€ available in the Pshiiit Boutique
Kure Bazaar, Mon Bleu – 16€ available in the Pshiiit Boutique


  1. I think this turned out perfectly! I absolutely love all the colors together. I’ve been having issues with my striping tape recently too, I wonder if it’s the changes in the weather!

  2. You’ve found the perfect workaround for when a woman can’t afford (or find) some crazy awesome pair of shoes – paint them on the nails, girls!!! hehe
    These turned out awesome – I always love how you translate fashion designs into nail designs (I’m personally am always at a loss haha ;)).

  3. I saw this manicure on instagram earlier and I loved it! :D I had no idea you struggled so much with the striping tape! Lol, I have a love/hate relationship to striping tape – you can make gorgeous lines but ooooh, the struggle!

  4. The minute you mentioned “Agnes” along with these gorgeous shoes, I knew which Agnes you were talking about – I have been drooling over her shoe taste for a while lol! I think you translated the design very well to your nails and the colors are so amazing.