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I found myself staring at this blank page quite a few times, never knowing how to start this article. And while I’m writing it right now I still don’t know, really. I always told you that my passion for Enchanted Polish started thanks to Camille. By showing us her enchanted bottles, she finally convinced me that I should try them. That’s how my addiction for Enchanted Polish began. I started watching out for the restocks, even if I think they are the shortest restocks I’ve ever seen. And now I’m clearly addicted to the monthlies :D

Earlier in December, I received an email from Chelsea. I had to read it quite a few times to be sure I wasn’t dreaming. I even woke up my boyfriend who was sleeping next to me. I guess he didn’t really understand what was happening ! At first I was excited then lots of questions came to my mind such as why me ? But thanks to some wise words from Camille I decided to stop questioning myself and make the most of this opportunity ! And that’s how Entwined is born.

Enchanted Polish - Entwined

Obviously, most of you know what Entwined means, right? In fact, before even thinking of the polish itself, I knew how I wanted Chelsea to name it. I wanted it to be multichrome, and I knew that the colors would be entwined together. Plus this word makes me think of a song by Lacuna Coil. If only you knew how much I love that band :D Entwined it’s also a little bit of me. It kind of embodies my dark side that I sometimes need to disguise :)

Enchanted Polish - Entwined

Guess I don’t need to tell you what color I wanted, right? Purple of course ! But as I told you earlier I also wanted it to be multichrome. And holo. I mean, with everything that exists, and even if sometimes there’s nothing better than a nice creamy shade, I wanted something magic. According to what I was describing, Chelsea decided to go with a base almost similar to 2 A.M. Summer Night. She adapted the formula and added some holo to it and some really tiny holo glitters. What I love most about this shade is the alchemy. There’s a perfect amount of everything. You guessed it. I love it :)

Enchanted Polish - Entwined

The first time I applied it to my nails, I knew that the hardest part for me was going to translate what I was seeing through pictures. I decided to add most of the pictures that I took of Entwined. The first thing I noticed is that hint of pink, a really bright and intense pink. I tried to shoot Entwined under both direct and indirect sunlight, but also under my spotlights. I wanted to try to capture as much as I could, so you really know what it looks like :)

Enchanted Polish - Entwined

You only need two coats to reach full opacity, and you don’t need a black base underneath. I don’t personally own 2 A.M. Summer Night but from what I’ve seen, Entwined seems to be a little brighter and definitely more intense. The color that is the most showing is definitely purple, whatever the lighting.

Enchanted Polish - Entwined

Enchanted Polish - Entwined

So let’s talk about the release now. Entwined will be released on the 24th of May on the bigcartel of Enchanted Polish. As usual, Chelsea will do a newsletter before the release giving you both the time and the colors that are going to be released. You’re not dreaming, I said colors ! There’s a few other colors that will also be released on that same day, just sayiiiiin’ ;)

Entwined will also be released on the Pshiiit Boutique later on, but there’s no info about that at the moment.

Now I truly hope that those of you who like Entwined will be able to get it without any stress ! I hope that you like it or will like it as much as I do !! I also wanted to thank you guys. Because I know that this is basically happening thanks to you. I’m sincerely very thankful, I hope you all know that. And of course, thank you Chelsea ! ❤❤


Enchanted Polish, Entwined – Available on the 24th of May on


  1. Wow! That’s stunning! I haven’t been paying attention to new releases, but this one is very eye catching. Great job in coming up with this polish. It’s a collab right?

  2. Oh no! All these pictures are to die for!! I love that you tried to capture every angle of it and I think you did a stunning job in picturing this polish. The pictures are beautiful and so is the polish! Great job!!! xx

  3. Sweetie!!! Congratulations!!! So excited for you!!! :D
    But you can’t do this to the common mortal!! Such a gorgeous shade, stunning balance between the whole characteristics! Nailed it, I say!

  4. Holy shit that’s AMAZING INCREDIBLE. It is the first Enchanted that I truly need. Don’t know how I’ll manage that, because I’m sure everyone else will need it too :P Well done my friend!!!

  5. Wowza! This shade is SO unique! And the name is just perfect too. I have stayed away from Enchanted so far because I haven’t wanted to get sucked in, but I may have to get this. Congratulations!!