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Almost impossible for me to find a good title for this post. So I decided to be pretty basic and just describe in a few words the mani I’m going to show you. Things are not better or worse than yesterday, I try to keep things going. Today’s nails are inspired by a nail-art seen on Tam‘s Instagram aka Ohmygoshpolish. I loved the combination of the mermaid scales with pastel colors, so I decided to do one of my own.

Rainbow Mermaid Nails

These rainbow mermaid nails are a pretty effortless mani to do. I started by applying a white base. I used Carpe Diem by Cirque. Then I started cutting a makeup sponge in tiny pieces.

Rainbow Mermaid Nails

On a piece of aluminium foil, that I used as a palette, I put a drop of each following colors : Magdalene by Virtuous Polish, Is Mai Tai Crooked by OPIKiss Me I’m Brazilian by OPI, On the List by Pipe Dream PolishBlossom Dandy by Essie and finally V.I.P. Pass by Pipe Dream Polish. Then, with some tweezers I picked up one tiny piece of makeup sponge that I dipped in a first color. I dabbed it on my nail, and I repeated this step with each color.

Rainbow Mermaid Nails

I started with the lightest colors and I did all of my nails at the same time. It took me less than 5 minutes to get them done. I went back over with my sponge on some spots that were missing a little bit of color. Once satisfied with the result, a dipped a new piece of sponge in some white nail polish. I dabbed it on a piece of paper before dabbing it on my nail. I just wanted to add a light touch of white to soften the colors and even everything out.

Rainbow Mermaid Nails

Then I stamped the mermaid scales design that you can find on the plate Mash n°39 using the El Corazon white special stamping polish. I finished with a top coat, and that’s it !

Rainbow Mermaid Nails

And here you go ! This is a very simple mani that you can recreate with the colors you want ! You can also chose to use another stamping design, I’m sure it would look great !

Thanks for reading! ❤


PS : I often get asked about the dress I’m wearing ! It’s a maxi dress that I bought on sale at New Look ! :) 

New Look Maxi Dress


Virtuous Polish, Magdalene – 10$ at Virtuous Polish 
Essie, Blossom Dandy
Pipe Dream Polish, V.I.P. Pass – 9$ at Pipe Dream Polish or at Edgy Polish
Pipe Dream Polish, On the List – 9$ at Pipe Dream Polish or at Edgy Polish
OPI, Kiss Me I’m Brazilian
OPI, Is Mai Tai Crooked 
Cirque, Carpe Diem – 13€ in the Pshiiit Boutique
 El Corazon Special Stamping nail polish, White – 5,90€ at Hypnotic Polish
 Mash stamping plate, Mash-39 – 3,99$ the plate at Mash Nails


  1. These are to die for! They look so much more difficult to do than you describe, I really must try this look myself! Also I love that dress, I’m a huge fan of maxi dresses!

  2. Okay, absolutely flawless! I like how wearable they seem – not too in your face with the design or the colors but still so visually striking and fun. And love that dress!