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Hey there !

So it seems that the weather is pretty hot in Europe. Well honestly here in Dubai we’re getting used to our 40°C (104°F) average and we’re quite melting every time we go outside ! A few days ago, I received the whole La Laque new polish line by Bourjois and I was very happy about it. Honestly I used to love some of Bourjois products but I’ve been disappointed so many times by their nail polishes that I stopped buying them. So today, it’s the first time for me applying one of their new polishes and I’m going to give you my first impressions. Please let me know if you want me to work on the swatches for the full review that I’ll be doing later ! So the first shade I decided to try is Chair et Tendre.

Bourjois - La Laque - Chair et TendreBourjois - La Laque - Chair et Tendre

It’s a pale rose with a very small hint of orange in it. It’s a two coater, and you can’t really have a full coverage in just one stroke as Bourjois pretends. At least not for this one. The formula is ok not too thick and not too liquidy neither. According to Bourjois the real innovation is the brush. It’s not as wide as the 1 second ones a little longer, but the bristles aren’t as strong as I expected them to be, and that disappointed me. But I managed to apply it in two coats without any troubles which means it’s not so bad, right? I’ll see if it bothers me with the other shades later :)

Bourjois - La Laque - Chair et Tendre

And just because I couldn’t leave my nails that way, I decided to add a white half moon using another polish from the collection : White Spirit.

Bourjois - La Laque - Chair et Tendre - White Spirit

Maybe you don’t know that, but I believe in the evil eye. I always have an eye on me to ward it off. And When I saw this half-moon it made me think of the shape of an eye. So I decided to add a blue rhinestone, and I love it :D

Bourjois - La Laque - Chair et Tendre - White Spirit - Eye Manicure

I couldn’t decide if I should do the outlines in black and add the black eyelashes so I decided to leave it that way. I felt that it looked better this way. What do you think?

Bourjois - La Laque - Chair et Tendre - White Spirit - Eye Manicure

I still don’t know how these nail polishes wear as I’ve had this one on my nails for only one day, but I’ll tell you more about it in my full review. Also if you have any question feel free to ask !

Thanks for reading ! ❤❤


Bourjois, White Spirit* – 10,95€ in the Bourjois e-shop
Bourjois, Chair et Tendre* – 10,95€ in the Bourjois e-shop

Products sent for review by PR representatives or brands


  1. These are so beautiful and elegant Dorra! I love them so much! I wonder if this new line is coming to us in Belgium too, it looks really nice. I’ve been skipping Bourjois but it seems they did a lot right with this new collection!

  2. I love that you didn’t outline it, I really like how simple this is.
    I was sad to hear about your brush review on the polishes – they look so lovely and Bourjois did have a great wide brush on the 1 second polishes… oh well!

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