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Hey everyone !

How are you doing? Here everything’s fine, the weather is more and more humid and tomorrow Ramadan starts ! Personally I really love that time of the year, it brings back amazing memories. Iftars are always convivial. This is going to be my hubby’s first Ramadan and I can’t wait for him to discover it !

Back to nails now ! Yesterday I received my small Cirque order. I got La Tropicale, Valencia and Limoncello from the Juicy collection. The first one I was eager to try and that I’m going to show you today is La Tropicale !

Cirque, La Tropicale

It’s a perfect teal holographic nail polish. It’s a two coater and it’s really easy to apply. And this one looks amazing under direct light, the holo in it is crazy as you can see below :

Cirque, La Tropicale

Of course, the name of the polish inspired the nail-art I decided to go for. I looked in my stamping plates and especially in the Tropical Collection plates by MoYou-London, and I found some great designs on the Tropical plate n°6. And here’s everything I needed, the detailed list is at the end of the post, as usual :)

Cirque, La Tropicale - Toucan Nails - Tropical Nails

So I started by creating the palm tree leaves on my nails. I used the Neon Green stamping polish by Mundo de Uñas and some of the palm tree leaves patterns that you can find on the plate. Then to create the toucans I decided to go for an advanced stamping. I used the special black polish for stamping by Konad and left the design on the stamper before coloring it.

Cirque, La Tropicale - Toucan Nails - Tropical Nails

So here’s how I colored the toucans. First with a very thin brush, I added some orange in the middle of the beak with OPI Where Did Suzi’s Man-Go. I also added a little bit of orange around the eyes. Then I mixed a little bit of Chromatic Orange and Magenta Muse by OPI, and I added it to the bottom of the beak. Finally, I added the yellow on the top with I Just Can’t Cope-Acabana by OPI. Of course, don’t forget to clean your brush between each step !

Cirque, La Tropicale - Toucan Nails - Tropical Nails

I finished by covering both the body and the beak with white just to be sure that the colors would stand out on my dark base. Then I transferred the toucans on my nails. You can either press the stamper on your nail to transfer the decal or if the decal is thick enough, you can peel it from the stamper and place it on your nail. I noticed that skipping the top coat step prevents from getting bubbles everywhere. After placing them on my nails, I added a generous coat of top coat to seal everything.

Cirque, La Tropicale - Toucan Nails - Tropical Nails

And here you go ! These toucan nails are really easy to do ! And I know you might ask me why I didn’t simply paint them ? Well I’m not confident in my painting skills so I preferred doing it that way :D

Cirque, La Tropicale - Toucan Nails - Tropical Nails

Did you buy any polish from the Cirque Juicy Collection ? For me La Tropicale was really the one I wanted the most, and I’m happy that I decided to get it !

Thanks for reading ! ❤❤



Cirque, La Tropicale – 13€ on the Pshiiit Boutique, 13$ at Cirque Colors
OPI, I Just Can’t Cope-Acabana
OPI, Where Did Suzi’s Man-Go?
OPI, Color Paints, Chromatic Orange
OPI, Color Paints, Magenta Muse
MoYou-London stamping plate, Tropical Collection n°6 – 4,99£ the plate at MoYou-London
Konad Special stamping nail polish, Black  
El Corazon, Special stamping, White – 5,90€ at Hypnotic Polish
Mundo de Uñas Special stamping nail polish, Neon Green n°38 – 1,65$ the 5mL at Mundo de Uñas


  1. Wow this is amazingly beautiful! Everything is perfect from the polish color, to the polish name being the inspiration for the design to the advanced stamping, simply fabulous!

  2. OMG Dorra!!! :D These are soooo cute! I am obsessed! I bought this MoYou plate too and stared at those toucans many times. You couldn’t have made anything more gorgeous with that stamp! I love love love it!

  3. Aaah this has to be one of the loveliest manicures I have seen in a long time :O I love anything with animals, birds, insects etc and this is just so incredibly stunning :O
    you did an amazing job… the details of the toucans are just WOW!!!!!
    Love the holo nail polish too :)