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Hello everyone !

So today I’m back with a very simple nail-art using some of the recent Enchanted Polish polishes. Yeah I know, Enchanted Polish, again … But it’s for the same reason than when I shared so many manis with OPI nail polishes from the Hawaii collection ! I just received these shades and they’re here sitting on my desk calling to be used. I noticed that almost every time, when I receive my Enchanted Polish orders, I swatch them, and then almost immediately put them with the rest of my collection. I’m feeling like I don’t use them enough, maybe because I’m trying to preserve them, but I’m willing to change that.

Just before receiving the Enchanted Polish latest shades, I received my latest monthlies order : Mars 2015, April 2015 and May 2015. I’ve never been disappointed when ordering my monthlies, and I really like this concept. Basically, I’d buy anything from Enchanted Polish blindly. Anyway. When I opened May 2015 I was so happy. Finally a deep blue shade lighter than Presto Magic and darker than December 2014. And when I received Daydream one day after, I knew these two would be perfect for a gradient nail art !

Enchanted Polish - Gradient Nails with May 2015 and Daydream

Obviously, they look pretty great together, right? I could have added a little bit of Presto Magic to darken these gradient nails, but I love it that way. These two colors are enough for a gradient ! So how did I do that. First I applied one single coat of Daydream to have a nice aqua blue base.

Enchanted Polish - Gradient Nails with May 2015 and Daydream

Then I protected my nails with liquid latex, I used Liquid Palisade. Honestly, it’s great and I love it but keep your money and try to find something cheaper. This one is so expensive (22$ the 0.35oz) and it’s basically liquid latex that you can easily find on Amazon or eBay. I mean, it’s even more expensive than the Make For Ever liquid latex… crazy right? Personally what I did is that I poured some white liquid latex in an empty nail polish bottle that I had rinsed, and that basically makes the trick. You can add glitters or colorant to it, as you like :)

Enchanted Polish - Gradient Nails with May 2015 and Daydream

So back to the nails, with a makeup sponge I created the gradient using May 2015 and Daydream. These shades are pretty opaque so you’ll only need to go over like 2 to 3 times to have the same result as me. Then I removed the latex, cleaned a little more and added one coat of Djinn in a Bottle to give it an even more holo look :D And then top coat.

Enchanted Polish - Gradient nails and stamping with MoYou London

I knew that this kind of gradient nails would need to be stamped, so I took the Fashionista n°5 plate by MoYou-London, my Konad special black for stamping and I stamped ! Pretty easy but I really love how this mani looks !

Enchanted Polish - Gradient nails and stamping with MoYou London Enchanted Polish - Gradient nails and stamping with MoYou London Enchanted Polish - Gradient nails and stamping with MoYou London

I finished with my top coat. I don’t know why I try to preserve these EP‘s so much. I mean it’s too bad, right? For those of you who have EP‘s do you do the same ? Or am I the only crazy one here ? :D

Thanks for reading gals ! ❤


Enchanted Polish, May 2015, 
Enchanted Polish, Daydream
Enchanted Polish, Djinn in a Bottle
 MoYou-London stamping plate, Fashionista Collection n°05 – 4,99£ at MoYou-London
Konad Special Black for stamping
Liquid Palisade – 22$ the 0.35oz bottle at Kiesque


  1. That stamping really finishes the look <3 Those two colours look amazing together! I completely understand you try to preserve those special polishes, I do the same thing, but we should definitely try and use them more and enjoy them hehe!

  2. As always you got me staring at your beautiful photos – dang, girl!
    And I love the look you came up with, simple but gradients and stamping always make quite the statement :)
    And I can’t go without saying: this EP are awesome!!!!!

  3. These colours are stunning! They make a beautiful gradient! I don’t think I’ve ever seen such perfect stamping either, how do you do it so well!? <3

  4. Geeze these are gorgeous!! And yes, it’s terrible how little I use my favorite polishes too. But at least it makes me happy seeing them on the shelves :D