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Hi everyone !

How are you doing? Yes today I’m back with a new Fashion Friday, I know it’s been a while. Lately I wasn’t finding inspiration, and honestly I’m not the kind of girl who’ll force things. If I’m inspired great, if not it’s no big deal. Yesterday, inspiration came back out of nowhere. I was on Instagram, and I found myself looking through Mara Hoffman‘s account. It’s one of my favorites Instagram accounts ! All of the pictures are beautiful, colorful, it’s really inspiring. So I decided to look Mara Hoffman‘s creations on Pinterest and that’s when the magic happened. When I saw the dress below, I knew I had to recreate it on my nails.

Fashion Friday - Mara Hoffman

Basically two ideas came to my mind. At first, I thought I was going to do both on my nails but I decided one was enough. Let me explain. For me the dress has two parts : the top one and the bottom one. And they both are nail-art-able if I can say that :D Mixing both on my nails would have looked weird I guess, so I decided to go with the bottom part first. I’ll do the top part later :D

Fashion Friday - Mara Hoffman

Once again it’s a pretty easy nail-art. I took three colors : the white Wild White Ways by Essence, the black Black is Back by Essence and the minty shade Tiffany by piCture pOlish. I first applied the white as a base, I added top coat and let dry. While my nails were drying, I cut my striping tape pieces. Then I sticked the striping tape to my nails to create the mint and black stripes. The last mint stripe (the one that touches the black) was done with a nail art brush.

Fashion Friday - Mara Hoffman Fashion Friday - Mara Hoffman

Then I took some triangle shaped nail vinyls, the ones that you can find on the n°001 sheet by Pshiiit. I placed them on my nails, I cut the excess, and finished with a top coat.

Fashion Friday - Mara Hoffman

I love the result, and honestly I don’t regret focusing only on the bottom part of the dress. It’s such a simple nail-art, that you can adapt with pretty much any color you want :)

Fashion Friday - Mara Hoffman

I hope you’ll like this mani as much as I do !

Enjoy the weekend ! ❤❤


 Essence, Black is Back
 Essence, Wild White Ways 
✑ Pshiiit Boutique, Nail Vinyls sheet n°001 – 4,95€ on the Pshiiit Boutique
✑ piCture pOlish, Tiffany – 12,00 € on the Pshiiit Boutique


  1. I always enjoy seeing nail art inspired by fashion and you executed this perfectly! The lines and colours are so nice and crisp – can’t wait to see how you will recreate the top part :D

  2. I adore your geometric designs Dorra! This is so incredibly gorgeous! You’ve also made me lust after piCture pOlish Tiffany!

  3. I so love all of your designs especially fashion Friday. Can’t wait to see what you do with the top half of the dress.