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Hey there !

So as most of you may know ILNP recently came out with a huge new collection of polishes. Honestly I was quite overwhelmed and felt unable to chose which shades to take or not. So after hesitating, I decided not to order during the pre-orders and to make choices later ! Plus, I haven’t even had time to play with the ones from my last order which is why I thought that it would be great to apply Peri Me tonight!

Peri Me is a periwinkle holographic nail polish. It has a nice glossy finish. Unfortunately you’ll need at least three coats to reach full opacity. Two coats weren’t enough for me you could definitely see my free edge underneath, and you know that I don’t like that !

ILNP - Peri Me - Stamping - Born Pretty Store - BP-L015

I really love the shade of Peri Me. It has some kind of gold rose reflects that are gorgeous !

A few weeks ago, I received a surprise package from Born Pretty Store, in which there were some of their new stamping plates. And on one of them, on the BP-L015, I found the design that I decided to use for today’s mani.

Stamping - Born Pretty Store - BP-L015

I used my Konad special black stamping polish for this mani. I really love the Born Pretty Store stamping plates. They’re perfectly etched and they have some cool and original designs !

ILNP - Peri Me - Stamping - Born Pretty Store - BP-L015

ILNP - Peri Me - Stamping - Born Pretty Store - BP-L015

But something went wrong. I hesitated and I decided to try a top coat by Bourjois, the 3D Gel top coat. At first I was very happy as it had a very glossy finish and gave a nice curve to the nails. But rapidly I noticed some tiny bubbles appearing everywhere on my mani. You can hardly see them with your bare eyes, but under a macro lens you can’t really miss them. I hate when some top coats do that. Which is why I really don’t recommend this top coat. At least it didn’t smudge my stamping !

ILNP - Peri Me - Stamping - Born Pretty Store - BP-L015

Anyway I love how this stamping looks and I love it even more when you can see the nice holographic rainbow of Peri Me !

ILNP - Peri Me - Stamping - Born Pretty Store - BP-L015

I’d love to know if you pre-ordered any of the latest ILNP shades ! And I’d also love to know your opinion on the Born Pretty Store stamping plates as I myself love them very much !

Thanks for reading !! ❤❤


I Love Nail Polish, Peri Me – 11,60€ in the Pshiiit Boutique or 10$ at ILNP
Konad Stamping Polish, Black
Born Pretty Store Stamping Plate*, BP-L015 – 5,99$ the stamping plate at Born Pretty Store

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  1. Gorgeous combination! Stamping over holo’s can be tricky I think – if you have a design that covers too much the effect is lost. This design is the perfect match for a holo beauty like this ILNP!

  2. Woah, this beautiful blue from ILNP is just breathtaking! Nice swatch and the contrasting stamping over it looks beautiful.
    Too bad about that bubbly top coat from Bourjois. Although you really cannot see the bubbles in the pictures. I really wish that drugstore brands would come up with good, affordable top coats.

  3. Peri Me is just so beautiful by itself, the stamping literally came alive with nothing else needed! And I can’t see any bubbles – I’m blaming your awesome photograph skills ;)
    ps. also a fan of BPS stamping plates – affordable and with some really nice designs.

  4. Your stamping is, as always, so beautiful with this polish. I haven’t ordered anything fro the latest release yet (sacrilege!) but there are definitely quite a few that have caught my eye. This periwinkle is gorgeous <3

  5. You are incredible at stamping… I just have to let that statement out cause wow.. you are amazing :)
    I love that nail polish that you have used as a base and the stamping looks amazing over it :)