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Hey there !

So here I am with a slightly different article. This morning I received my OPI Color Paints order and I thought that it could be a good thing for me to share my first impressions with you, before doing a full review ! :)

So what are the Color Paints. I guess you wonder too. First, they have nothing to do with last year’s Sheer tints, nothing at all. And you’ll see it later ;) The idea is to have bright but translucent colors, that you can mix or superpose for nail-arts. Basically nail-art made easy. The silver color is to be used as a canvas for your nail arts, but you can also use a white base, a holo base, or any other color !

OPI - Color Paints

The first thing I noticed when opening each bottle, is that the formula is completely different than the one for the Sheer Tints. It’s way more fluid, easier to work with. I also noticed that when you apply them, the colors don’t dry as fast as we’re used to. So no caky nail-arts here, you can take your time to blend the colors together without messing things up.

It’s pretty promising, and as I like to illustrate my posts, I decided to try a watermable quickly. Just to see if they’d work. Each color melts in the water, and it’s pretty easy to create a nice watermarble. Drawing the designs was easy, and almost effortless. For this watermable, I first applied a white base and then used the two following Color Paints :  the yellow Primarily Yellow and the teal Turquoise Aesthetic.

OPI - Color Paints - WatermarbleOPI - Color Paints - Watermarble

I finished my watermarble with a coat of Djinn in a Bottle, just to give it a little bit more dimension !

OPI - Color Paints - WatermarbleOPI - Color Paints - Watermarble

I mean you can see it on the pictures. Never a watermarble was so easy to do, honestly ! The colors open in the water, and they don’t dry too fast, so you can take your time to create your design. I think it’s the first time that it did all my nails in only one take per nail. I feel like there’s so much we can do with these Color Paints and I can’t wait to play with them even more !

How do you feel about these Color Paints, is it something that you’d buy for your nail-arts? If there are any specific things you’d like me to try for a deeper review, or anything you would like to know feel free to let me know ! Also let me know if you want me to swatch the colors !

Thanks for reading ! ❤


  1. First, of all I’d like to tell you that I’ve been stalking you for a year, and I love the changes that you’ve made to your blog like adding English posts and becoming a member on bloglovin. Now I can stalk you daily lol.
    I just ordered the mini collection yesterday on eBay, but it was missing three of the colors. Something told me to check amazon for the remaining colors because I didn’t want to pay $8 per polish. I did and found them for $2.70! I can’t wait to play because I do a lot of leadlighting manis.

  2. ‘I decided to try a watermable quickly’, she says. I’m telling you, this watermarble is absolutely flawless and if these pretties do the job a dream, I definitely will be wanting all of them ;)