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Hi everyone !

So once again this week was pretty busy. In short, I’ve been working on several photoshoots lately for both magazines and brands and as you may guess it’s time consuming ! It’s a great experience as doing what you’re used to do on yourself requires to adapt your technique, and to find new ones. The hardest thing I guess is letting someone else do what we usually do by ourselves : the pictures. And thats how I realized that we bloggers are somewhat doing the work of an entire crew. If you want, I’ll share with you my work as soon as it is available :)

Sooo as I don’t have much time for doing my nails, I decided to go for water decals. But this time I used the ones that cover your entire nail !

Nail Art Fleuri - Water Decals - Born Pretty Store - XF 1414

I had never tested full nail water decals before. I have bought these in Born Pretty Store‘s eshop. They don’t have a name, but their reference is XF-1414. Not the cutest name :D Before applying the decals I decided to apply a single coat of white polish as a base, as I wasn’t sure if the water decals would be opaque enough.

Nail Art Fleuri - Water Decals - Born Pretty Store - XF 1414

First you have to cut the decal so it’s a little bigger than the actual size of your nail and then you have to plunge it into water for a few seconds. Don’t forget to remove the transparent film or you might end up with an unusable water decal :D Basically, if you don’t remove the film, the decal will stick to the transparent film on top of it and you won’t be able to peel it :( So once the decal in the water, I also humidified my nail so it would be easier for me to adjust the decal. Then I transferred the decal on my nail, and once in place, I absorbed the excess of water with a tissue. It’ll also dry the water decal and make it stick to your nail.

Nail Art Fleuri - Water Decals - Born Pretty Store - XF 1414

Instead of trying to cut the parts of the water decal that may be exceeding, you should remove it with a brush and nail polish remover. I noticed that cutting it can deform it or tear it. Cleaning it with nail polish remover isn’t more complicated than cleaning excess of nail polish. It’ll dissolve quickly.

Nail Art Fleuri - Water Decals - Born Pretty Store - XF 1414

So once you’re done with the cleaning, you can add top coat and don’t forget to seal your free edge! What I liked the most about these water decals is that they’re easier to apply and adjust than traditional nail wraps. You can easily replace them and remove the tiny wrinkles that may appear. Also it’s way thinner than the nail wraps we’re used to such as the ones from ncLA and therefore they’ll stick to your nail perfectly. Mine still look good even after going to the swimming pool :D Finally, the most important thing is that they’re inexpensive. This set costs 1,99$ ! And with the blog’s discount code USL91 you have 10% off which means they only cost me 1,80$ !

I think I’m going to take a bunch of these because it’s a really nice alternative to nail wraps ! What do you think of these kind of water decals? Have you tried them? Do you like them? :D

Thanks for reading ! ❤❤

separateurBorn Pretty Store, Water Decals XF 1414 – 1,99$ the set at Born Pretty Store


  1. These are quite lovely! I always have some trouble trimming wider waterdecals – either I trim it too much or too little, but yours fit nicely!
    I’d love to have a peak into that project of yours – happy it’s going well :)
    And bloggers are a tiny crew themselves or maybe we’re just used to taking photos of our nail by a certain point, hey? ;)

  2. These are so beautiful! I love them! And I can’t wait to find out what you have been up to :) sounds very exciting!