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Hey there !

So tonight I’m back with an in-depth review of the OPI Color Paints. A few weeks ago when giving you my first impressions on the OPI Color Paints I told you that I really wanted to see if they were worth the splurge. And I also wanted to show you what we’re ale to do with these nail polishes ! So grab a cup of tea, or coffee and let’s go ! :D

OPI - Color Paints - Nail Art

Let’s start with the beginning. As I told you, Sheer Tints and Color Paints are not the same. The formula of the Color Paints is not as thick ad the Sheer Tints‘ one and the Color Paints are way more pigmented. The best way to show you the difference was to put them side by side so you can see. I applied the four OPI Sheer tints on the left side of both a white and a silver swatch stick. I put the 4 Color Paints that correspond to these shades on the right side of the swatch stick so you can clearly see the difference.

OPI Color Paints vs OPI Sheer Tints

So now that you have seen the difference, let’s talk about the Color Paints. The collection is composed of a silver base, Silver Canvas and 8 shades : a yellow Primarily Yellow, an  orange Chromatic Orange, a magenta Magenta Muse, a pink Pen & Pink, a purple Purple Perspective, an indigo Indigo Motif, a teal/turquoise Turquoise Aesthetic and a green Landscape Artist. To me, I don’t get why there are two magentas as there’s no difference between Magenta Muse and Pen & Pink. You can see it on the following swatches. I swatched each color paint on both a white and a silver base. I applied only one coat of each color paint without top coat.

OPI - Color Paints - Swatches

The formula is consistant, and there’s not a shade that is thicker or more liquid than another. Silver Canvas is a one coater. So the deal with these nail polishes is that we’re going to be able to do whatever we want with them and that’s what I tried. I decided to work on swatch stick and I hope you’ll forgive me as I didn’t take much time to clean them properly. This was the intro, so let’s go !


Obviously the first kind of nail-art you’re going to try with the Color Paints. After removing the excess of polish from the brushes, I tried some kind of brush strokes nail arts. All of the following nail-arts are done on both a white and a silver base so you can see how the Color Paints look like on another base. For the brush stroke manis I started with the lightest colors and then added a little bit of the darker colors.OPI - Color Paints - Nail Art

As you can see the result is great. I decided to go for a second mani, a freehand mani once again. Over Silver Canvas I did some kind of wavy pattern using Primarily Yellow, Chromatic Orange and Magenta Muse. The color paints are easy to work with and melt together.

OPI - Color Paints - Nail Art

The Color Paints are really amazing to work with. You can create your nail-arts either by using the polish brush or a thinner nail-art brush :)


You saw it in my first impressions, these polishes are amazing when it comes to watermarbling. I decided to try again a month later to see if after being used quite a few times the formula changed and became thicker, but nothing had changed. The formula is still the same ! I prefer using a white base for watermables with the Color Paints as the colors are more vibrant. The stick with the white base is on the left, and the one with Silver Canvas on the right.

OPI - Color Paints - Watermarble Nail Art


Layering is another thing that we’re supposed to be able to do with the Color Paints so I decided to give it a try to see if it worked well. I applied the lighter color first, and then added a second darker color. Once again I did it on both a white (top) and a silver base (bottom). When I applied indigo over magenta I obtained some kind of dark purple, when I applied magenta over yellow, I obtained some kind or orange and finally when I applied the teal/turquoise shade over yellow I obtained a nice green shade. So layering? Success !

OPI - Color Paints - Nail Art


Now let’s see how amazing these shades can be when it comes to gradients. We know that the shades are amazing for layering and therefore as you may guess, they’re amazing for creating gradients ! I created these two gradients on both a white (top) and a silver (bottom) base using a makeup sponge. The colors blend together well and there’s no harsh transition. You can’t really tell the difference between the gradient over a white or silver base, but like for the watermarble I tend to prefer the result over white as the color seems to pop a little bit more.

OPI - Color Paints - Dégradé gradient Nail Art


And this one you didn’t see it coming. Stamping. One thing is sure is that it’s not one of their purposes but I had to try it anyway. First, I did the obvious thing which is stamping using Silver Canvas. This silver is dense so as you may guess it is perfect for stamping. I stamped over a black base and then I tried to add colors over my silver stamping using the brush. I love that you can’t really tell that I applied something over the black parts of the nail. I also tried adding more than one color and once again you can’t see where I went outside the lines with the colors. I used the same technique on the bottom-right stick. This is a nail-art that I did last year using the Sheer tints and I decided to see what it would look like using the Color Paints :)

OPI - Color Paints - Advanced and Reverse Stamping Nail Art

As you can see on the two upper sticks on the right I also tried a reverse/advanced stamping and obviously all of these shades are amazing to add some colors to your stamping ! :)

And then another idea came to my mind. I repeated several times that the Color Paints are very pigmented so I started wondering if they’d be great for stamping too. And they are. They’ll look perfect on both light and colorful shades, but no need to say that they’ll not stand over darker shades :) You can also create fun things by stamping with more than one single color, as you can see below.

OPI - Color Paints - Stamping Nail Art

And today on my nails, I’m wearing the stamping on the right ! :) It’s very easy to do and I really love how the colors blend together.

OPI - Color Paints - Stamping Nail ArtOPI - Color Paints - Stamping Nail Art

So needless to say that I love the Color Paints. And needless to say that you should definitely give it a try. You’re really going to have fun with all of these shades and I’m sure you’ll come up with amazing nail art ideas ! You don’t have to buy the entire collection as I did to really enjoy them. For me you can definitely start with the base Silver Canvas, Primarily Yellow, Pen & Pink, Indigo Motif and Turquoise Aesthetic because with these colors you can recreate the ones you won’t have by layering them or mixing them. There’s also a mini kit that is less expensive containing a mini silver base and 5 mini Color Paints (Primarily Yellow, Chromatic Orange, Pen & Pink, Purple Perspective, and Turquoise Aesthetic) which is enough to start with. But if you decide to go for the mini-kit, grab a full-size bottle of Silver Canvas or any other silver because the tiny bottle of Silver Canvas won’t be enough :D

I really love that you can use these shades in so many different ways. I can’t wait to know your feelings after this review. Do you like this collection? Are you going to give it a try? Do you still have unanswered question about the Color Paints? Tell me everything !

And thanks for reading this very long review ❤❤


OPI, Color Paints


  1. Well, this is the most informed review of the Color Paints I’ve read so far, so thank you. I’m very interested in some of the colors as so far I had only seen swatches over the silver base. I find your nail art to be extremely stunning and the use of the color paints was a stroke of genius. Good job!!!

  2. What a detailed review, thank you! I’m amazed at how versatile these polishes are, and especially that you can stamp with them. You mentioned that they are more pigmented than the sheer tints, do you think they would work for leadlighting or are they not sheer enough?

  3. Thanks for playing with these polishes more. I just got the mini set on clearance and haven’t played with them yet. Now I’m triply excited for my next manicure!

  4. Really good review! i’ve just ordered the mini set so am looking for more inspiration and here it is! how did you do the stamping on your final mani? Did you mix colours onto the stamping plate?