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So a few days ago I got a package from OPI that made me realize that contrary to what I’ve always told you, no, I’m not buying each and every collection by OPI. I always buy the big ones, but I’ve never been attracted to the Soft Shades collections. The reason is pretty obvious. If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that I’m not a huge fan of the see-through kind of shades. I like my free-edge to be fully covered and invisible. Soft Shades are therefore pretty much the opposite of what I like in nail polish. This year there’s no particular theme for the Soft Shades. I’ve seen the six shades but I only received two of them that I’m going to show you today.

OPI - Soft Shades 2015

Honestly, this is not the kind of shade that I go for and therefore I would never have bought these. Which is also why I decided to give them a try. The first one I applied is Act Your Beige ! a jelly-white kind of polish, that reminds me of Waltz by Essie (that I don’t have :D).

OPI - Soft Shades 2015 - Act Your Beige ! - Swatch

Here it is applied in two coats. The magic didn’t happen. No inspiration came once this shade on my nails. I didn’t even bother trying a jelly sandwich because it’s not the kind of mani that I go for. And I couldn’t bear the fact that you can see my free-edge. Plus, I find that there’s something wrong with the color :D

OPI - Soft Shades 2015 - Act Your Beige ! - Swatch

But I have to admit that the formula is amazing. It’s easy to apply, not too thick and not too liquidy either. But as I didn’t like this one I decided to go for Put It In Neutral.

OPI - Soft Shades 2015 - Put it in Neutral - Swatch

Honestly, this one is a little better. Still transparent, but it’s warmer and it looks better on my nails. I can even see myself wearing this kind of shade… and believe me that’s pretty unusual :D I applied it in two coats.

OPI - Soft Shades 2015 - Put it in Neutral - Swatch

And with this one, I don’t know why, but magic happened. I had two ideas in particular that I wanted to try. Which might mean that I love this color more than I want to admit it :D

OPI - Soft Shades 2015 - Put it in Neutral - Stamping Emily de Molly

First idea is a white stamping. I LOVE this look. Simple and elegant. I would have loved to wear these at my wedding for example. I used the Emily de Molly n°05 stamping plate and my special white for stamping by El Corazon.

OPI - Soft Shades 2015 - Put it in Neutral - Stamping Emily de Molly

I really love how delicate it looks, and you can’t really see my free-edge anymore. (Yeah it’s kind of an obsession, you can say it :D)

OPI - Soft Shades 2015 - Put it in Neutral - Stamping Emily de Molly

Second idea?  A gradient. Nope. Still not done with gradients. An intervention might be needed, but for right now, please let me be with my obsession for gradients :D

OPI - Soft Shades 2015 - Put it in Neutral - Gradient Nails

I’ve seen this kind of many soooo many times on fake nails and I always loved it. This shade is obviously perfect and it blends so nicely with the white. This is the kind of nail-art that I see myself wearing during winter. Don’t ask my why, but that’s the first feeling I got once my nails done :D The gradient was done as usual, using a makeup sponge and the white Put A Coat On by OPI :) I started the gradient after having applied one coat Put It In Neutral all over my nails :)

OPI - Soft Shades 2015 - Put it in Neutral - Gradient Nails

The blending part was really easy, I only needed to go over two or three times. I hesitated adding a stamping to these nails, and I decided to keep them that way !

OPI - Soft Shades 2015 - Put it in Neutral - Gradient Nails

So let’s try to conclude. I totally consider Put It in Neutral as a must-have. And I’m both glad and thankful it was sent to me. This shade is perfect for nude-based gradients and it will also be perfect for french manicures. But Act Your Beige! is not a shade that I like or that I would recommend. I’ve seen the other shades of the collection, and I really want to try Chiffon my Mind. There’s also one bottle of weird glitters that I really am not a fan of :D Let me know if you’d like to see the swatches of the rest of the collection !

What do you think about the Soft Shades? Have you tried these, is this the kind of shades that you like? Have you ever found yourself liking a nail polish you were sure you wouldn’t like ? How do you wear these kind of shades? And how would you wear Act Your Beige!

Thanks for reading ! ❤❤


OPI*, Put It In Neutral, Soft Shades 2015
OPI*, Act Your Beige!, Soft Shades 2015
OPI, Put a Coat On
El Corazon, White – 5,90€ at Hypnotic Polish
 Emily de Molly Stamping Plate, EDM-05 – 8$ at Llarowe

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  1. Liking something on my nails I was sure I hated on the bottle had also happened to me before – I guess it happens to everyone at least once, which is why experimenting can be fun and surprising.
    That being said, I agree that Put It in Neutral looks much better on you than Act Your Beige and I love both nail looks you went for, specially the gradient :))

  2. I don’t usually wear a lot of soft, sheer shades either, but as a nail tech, I have a lot of clients that love these shades. I think the nail art you did with these is amazing…proof that you can take any polish and turn it into an awesome manicure!! :D

  3. I understand what you mean about your free edge, but like you I also really loved the formula of these two. And I love both the nail arts you’ve done, particularly the white-neutral french gradient. I too love this look!

  4. I feel the same, Soft Shades are really not for me as I hate visible nail line! I really love the gradient you’ve done though, it’s a wonderful palette cleanser!