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Hey there !

How was your weekend ? Today I’m here to share with you my review of the topatopa special stamping nail polishes. I received them a few weeks ago and I’ve been able to try and test them. Right now there are four shades : a white, a silver, a gold and a blue one. The only color missing for me is black !

Topatopa - Vernis spécial stamping

The first thing I noticed and that you may have noticed too is the bottle. It is pretty massive and to be honest I like it. I’ve spilled my konad black so many times on my desk, that trust me, I’d better have this kind of bottle to prevent it from happening again. It is stable and as it has a square shape, it fits well in my drawers.

Topatopa - Vernis spécial stamping

The second thing I noticed when opening them is that every brush is bended. I guess that it’s because the brush is too long for the bottle, and that it touches the bottom of it. But it’s also because the brush isn’t as stiff as usual. It’s not really a problem as we’re not going to use the brush to apply the polish on our nails. The brand is working on that issue anyway.

So I did some tests using the stars from the topatopa stamping plate TP 07. I tried each color on both a black and a white base. I also tried the blue one over a light blue base. You’ll find my opinion at the end!

Topatopa - Vernis spécial stamping - NataTopatopa - Vernis spécial stamping - PlatinumTopatopa - Vernis spécial stamping - BijouTopatopa - Vernis spécial stamping - Sarcelles

The etching of the topatopa stamping plates isn’t as deep as Born Pretty Store or Bundle Monster stamping plates. But as you can see the four colors worked well anyway. I tested them with both Born Pretty Store and Bundle Monster stamping plate, and because the etching is more deep, the color is even more opaque and more vibrant. To my mind, all of the colors except the blue are really great for stamping over both dark and light colors. The blue one, Sarcelles, isn’t opaque enough to stand out over black. But over light colors it’s not that bad. Also, as it’s not as good as the other ones to stamp over dark shades, the brand is selling it for a slightly lower price. My favorite one is the gold one. I don’t have such gold stamping polish. It’s not too yellow and not too orangy. Love it. These polishes are a little more expensive than usual, but they’re 5 Free and each bottle contains 12mL of stamping polish. And personally, I prefer paying more and knowing that it is quality products, than paying less for a product with an unknown composition and a toxic smell, if you see what I mean …

So today I did a little stamping using the topatopa TP-03 stamping plate and the white stamping polish Nata ! The base is Suzi Shops and Island Hops by OPI. Topatopa - Stamping plaque TP 03 et vernis spécial stamping NataTopatopa - Stamping plaque TP 03 et vernis spécial stamping Nata

Have you ever tried the stamping plates or the stamping polishes by topatopa? What do you think about these special stamping polishes? Would you give them a try?

Thanks for reading ! ❤❤


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  1. I loved your honest review. And I agree with you, that gold polish looks alike any other I’ve seen. It’s perfect! Great nail art bonus at the end :))

  2. I’ve never seen this brand before but the white and gold look really good! I’m always on the look out for new stamping polishes, all I really have are Konad ones. Thank you for such a detailed review!

  3. Wow, such a great stamping test! Yes, the golden one is also my favorite. Such a beautiful shade and the stamping looks great. Awesome review darling.