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Hey everyone !

How are you doing? I didn’t manage to find time for the blog last week, work takes obviously a lot of my time ! But I’m still pretty active on Facebook and Instagram :)
Today I’m here to show you one of my latest purchases, which is Hatch by Cirque. The first time I saw it, it wasn’t love at first sight, but Camille and her amazing pictures quickly changed my mind. And when I wanted it it wasn’t in stock anymore. Luckily there was a restock on the Pshiiit Boutique a few days ago and obviously I took it without hesitating.

Cirque Colors - Hatch

Hatch is a speckled white but I feel like it’s more a light grey than a white. In it there are some black flakies, dark grey flakies but also a little bit of silver ones. There’s no texture in it, the formula is flawless. It’s a two coater. And it’s not difficult to remove.

Cirque Colors - Hatch

I think that it’s the kind of polish that you can definitely wear on its own, it’s already so unique that it doesn’t need anything else. I find that Hatch is really sophisticated. But I wanted to try something anyway. You know me, it’s never enough.
At first I thought of adding both a white and a black triangle but I wad afraid that the white wouldn’t stand out over Hatch. So I decided to switch the white with a neon pink.

Cirque Colors - Hatch - Nail ArtThe neon pink I used is Nympho (still not liking this name) and the black is Memento Mori. I’m pretty happy with the final result because the pink really brings a pop of color to the mani. For this mani I used striping tape.

Cirque Colors - Hatch - Nail Art

Cirque Colors - Hatch - Nail Art

And that’s it ! I’m so happy that I was able to get Hatch, because it’s so unique, and it’s really an amazing shade. Too bad that it is a limited edition because I’m sure lots of us would love to have it to !

What do you think about Hatch? Do you like it?

Thanks for reading ! ❤❤


Cirque Colors, Hatch (Limited Edition) – 13€ on the Pshiiit Boutique 
Cirque Colors, Nympho (Limited Edition) – 13€ on the Pshiiit Boutique

Cirque Colors, Memento Mori – 13€ on the Pshiiit Boutique



  1. You already know what I think about this one – I’m always amazed at how chic and elegant each of your manis are! Even with a crazy pop of colour such as that neon pink ;)
    And Hatch is a beauty really and just perfect!