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Hey there !

So today I’m here to show you the swatches of the four new Enchanted Polish shades. As you can notice from the title, I called this collection the Summer Collection even if it’s not the real name of this collection :D As I didn’t know the actual name and I needed a title, I hope you won’t mind that I went for this one :D

This week was pretty intense, as I also got my monthlies, which are amazing ! These two packages really made my week ! The four new shades are very summery and I think that once again, Enchanted Polish nailed it !

Enchanted Polish - Summer Collection

So the four shades are Disco H2O a turquoise holographic nail polish, Reign Beau a periwinkle holographic, Dope Jam a fuchsia holographic with a hint of purple that makes it unique, and finally Rainbow Juice (with Pulp) a scatter holo top coat that also contains holographic flakies.

Enchanted Polish - Summer Collection

Chelsea told me beforehand (and she also made a disclaimer on the e-shop) that Disco H2O can stain if you don’t apply a base coat. Personally it didn’t stain, and I applied only one coat of my regular base coat underneath. Try to be careful when removing the nail polish, because if you spread it you might end up with blueish nails and a slightly blue skin, which is not the sexiest thing in the world :D So now I think it’s time to leave you with the swatches and see you at the end of the post for my impressions. Please note that these swatches were all made with a base coat, two coats of polish and no top coat, under the sunlight. Rainbow Juice (with pulp) is swatched over a a black base, in only one coat without top coat so you can really see how it looks like. Let’s go :)

Enchanted Polish - Reign Beau - SwatchEnchanted Polish - Reign Beau - SwatchEnchanted Polish - Reign Beau - Swatch

Enchanted Polish - Dope Jam - SwatchEnchanted Polish - Dope Jam - SwatchEnchanted Polish - Dope Jam - Swatch

Enchanted Polish - Disco H2O - SwatchEnchanted Polish - Disco H2O - SwatchEnchanted Polish - Disco H2O - Swatch

Enchanted Polish - Rainbow Juice (with pulp) - SwatchEnchanted Polish - Rainbow Juice (with pulp) - SwatchEnchanted Polish - Rainbow Juice (with pulp) - Swatch

Soooo. To my mind the four polishes are amazing. I wouldn’t have hesitated getting them all if I had to. My two favourites are Dope Jam and Disco H2O. Don’t get me wrong I also loooove Reign Beau and the Rainbow Juice top coat. To be honest, it’s almost impossible for me to choose which shade I love most. I think that Rainbow Juice must look amazing over an Enchanted Polish multichrome, and I’ll definitely try it later and show you how it looks :D

Now I can’t wait to know what you think about this collection and which shades you’re going to go for, or not ! Please also tell me what you thought of the latest monthlies if you got them :)

These four shades will be available for pre-order on Enchanted Polish‘s e-shop on August 15th at 10am PDT :) No need to stress, as it’s a pre-order everyone will be able to get the shades they want ! Just be here in time :D

I hope this post will help you !

Thanks for reading and enjoy your weekend ! ❤❤


Enchanted Polish*, Disco H2O – 16$
Enchanted Polish*, Reign Beau – 16$
Enchanted Polish*, Dope Jam – 16$
Enchanted Polish*, Rainbow Juice (with pulp) – 16$

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  1. Oh god! Enchanted Polish is so the best! Disco H2O and Rainbow Juice are just to die for. And we can all blame your amazing swatches for wanting them even more ;)

  2. Dorra your swatches are STUNNING! :O Disco H20 is definitely my favourite, what an amazing blue. I’d love to try Enchanted but they’re pretty expensive, maybe one day <3

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