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Hi there!

It’s not a secret anymore, you know that I’m addicted to stamping. So when I first discovered this new stamper, I immediately ordered it. It took a while to get to me, but as soon as I got it, which is yesterday I started playing with it. But before showing you more about this unique Clear Jelly Stamper, I started by applying on my nails two coats of Magic, the collab shade of piCture pOlish and LakkomLakkom.

piCture pOlish - LakkomLakkom - MagicpiCture pOlish - LakkomLakkom - Magic

Just a few words about Magic! Magic is really a nice shade! I love it’s duochrome finish! It shifts from gold to rose gold. And with the amazing scatter holo finish it makes it even more awesome! It’s a two coater. But you can definitely go with a third one if you want it to be even more opaque.

The Clear Jelly Stamper comes with a small plastic scraper and a note with instructions. Basically the advice is to not clean the stamper with Acetone. Personally I don’t recommend using nail polish remover either. At some point it’ll create some kind of white cast on the stamper and it will loose some of its transparency. Instead, I recommend avoiding any kind of remover and cleaning it with tape, I think it’s the safest.

Clear Jelly Stamper - Tampon spécial stamping transparent

The reason why I was excited about this Clear Jelly Stamper is that you can finally see through the stamper, and it’s amazing when it comes to placing a tiny design on your nail! Aligning and centering a design that covers the whole nail is pretty easy but placing a tiny one is trickier! I think it’s also a great stamper for reverse/advanced stamping as you’re able to preview the result from the back side of the stamper.

piCture pOlish - LakkomLakkom - Magic et Stamping

piCture pOlish - LakkomLakkom - Magic et Stamping

The Clear Jelly Stamper is a little firmer than the silicone squishy ones, but not as firm and hard as the Konad ones. But because it’s firmer, when you use it for reverse/advanced stamping, be sure that all of the colors are dry before pressing the stamper on the nail to prevent the colored parts from bleeding and therefore messing the design.

piCture pOlish - LakkomLakkom - Magic et Stamping

As you can see, it was very easy for me to place the tiny triangles. I also noticed that this stamper cannot catch very fine designs, and I tried with many different stamping polishes and the problem was always the same. With my Pueen stamper I do not have any problems with these fine designs which made me believe that the problem’s coming from the stamper. But it’s so fragile that I will not try the techniques we usually use with the silicone ones, as I don’t want to ruin it and I want it to stay transparent!

piCture pOlish - LakkomLakkom - Magic et Stamping

I hope these first impressions are enough for you to know if it’s the kind of stamper you might need or not. I’m going to see how it works with reverse/advanced stamping and will tell you about it in a in-depth review. If you want I made a quick video on Instagram so you can see it in action :)

Did you know about this stamper? Did you get it or are you going to buy it? What do you think about it?

Thanks for reading! ❤❤


Clear Jelly Stamper – 13$ in the Clear Jelly Stamper e-shop
piCture pOlish, Magic – 12€ in the Pshiiit Boutique


  1. I was talking about this stamper with some ladies in a group I’m in and I think we’re going to do a group buy since shipping is spendy. We are waiting though because apparently the company is going to be releasing a version that is a little more squishy and it tends to be what people prefer. I cannot wait to try it out. I really want to get better at stamping and I”m hoping this will help. Great review!

  2. Oh my gosh, I love the idea of this stamper! I am terrible at lining up images and this looks like a bit of a game changer for me! I’d be interested to see a squishier one like Valesha mentioned, they are definitely my preferred stamper type.

    Also Magic is stunning on you! You captured the duochrome shift beautifully.

  3. Hi Didoline,
    Got it and actually do ‘t like it
    First I can’t see well through it even though it looks translucent
    And then all my designs are always distorted when applied on my nails:-/
    I’m so disappointed
    It may appear that if you have some view problems such as myopia then the clear jelly is not for you :-(

  4. I finally got my jelly stamper yesterday. But i cant get any polish to stick to it. I have white stamper polish and i used normal thicker polishes on my plates but the jelly stamper wont pick any polish up .help please