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Hey there !

I’m finally back on the blog ! And with a huge post, as today I’ll be showing you the swatches of the whole Fall 2015 Collection by ILNP. As usual, it’s a big collection composed of 17 shades. Yep. 17. It’s a lot of shades but at least everyone can find what he likes! And a good way to upset your bank account too!

ILNP - Fall 2015 - Automne 2015

Honestly it took me a while to swatch all of these pretties but it was worth it :) I admire those of you who can do the swatches of a collection in something like one day!

I decided to shoot everything indoors with my usual lighting setup. This way, the swatches are as accurate as possible, and the lighting is always the same. Do not hesitate to check other bloggers swatches to be sure of your choices and your crushes if there are some :)

All of the swatches were made in two coats without top coat for the holos and the multichromes. I applied the flakies in one coat over a black base and added top coat. Grab something to drink and I’ll let you know my impressions after the swatches at the end of the post!

ILNP - After MidnightILNP - After MidnightILNP - After Midnight

ILNP - Top DownILNP - Top DownILNP - Top Down

ILNP - The Road To AweILNP - The Road To AweILNP - The Road To Awe

ILNP - Pretty Little LiarILNP - Pretty Little LiarILNP - Pretty Little Liar

ILNP - Overnight BagILNP - Overnight BagILNP - Overnight Bag

ILNP - Mountain ViewILNP - Mountain ViewILNP - Mountain View

ILNP - Mona LisaILNP - Mona LisaILNP - Mona Lisa

ILNP - Maiden LaneILNP - Maiden LaneILNP - Maiden Lane

ILNP - LuluILNP - LuluILNP - Lulu

ILNP - GreatnessILNP - GreatnessILNP - Greatness

ILNP - GloryILNP - GloryILNP - Glory

ILNP - First ClassILNP - First ClassILNP - First Class

ILNP - Dream GirlILNP - Dream GirlILNP - Dream Girl

ILNP - DiabloILNP - DiabloILNP - Diablo

ILNP - ClockworkILNP - ClockworkILNP - Clockwork

ILNP - Cameo (H)ILNP - Cameo (H)ILNP - Cameo (H)

ILNP - Spiced EggnogILNP - Spiced EggnogILNP - Spiced Eggnog

Soooo. I have some favorites and they are Diablo, Overnight Bag, Mountain View, After Midnight, Pretty Little Liar, Cameo (H) and the very special Spiced Eggnog ! If I had to pre-order them, I would have bought these 7 shades for sure. Spiced Eggnog is so original, I love it! The holos are amazing as usual! They have that kind of ILNP‘s signature that I love. I have a big crush for both Diablo and Overnight Bag. Impossible for me to choose which one I love more!

I personally didn’t like the flakies this time, because I felt like something was missing. Maybe I should have tried to swatch them other a multichrome instead of a dark base. A little disappointed by Greatness too, because of the brush strokes. This is something I noticed with the simple ILNP multichromes (not the holo ones) and it’s kind of a bummer! But on a positive note, you don’t need a black base for these multichromes to be awesome. Two coats are enough for an opaque result which is a good thing! And finally, I’m not very fond of First Class and Clockwork. I think that the silver/gold flakies + the holo make it too much for me. And for those I didn’t mention, there awesome, no mistake, but I don’t think I would have gone for these shades!

Now I’d love to know which ones are your favorites and which ones you’re going for or not! I hope my swatches were helpful to help you decide!

Good night ! ❤❤


ILNP, Fall 2015 Collection* – Pre-orders start 09/04/2015 at

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  1. Oh my god!!! FIrst of all, your swatches are so mouth-watering and drool worth, I’m finding it hard to concentrate on just one polish haha
    (that and I can’t really believe you just so beautifully swatched 17 (SEVENTEEN!) polishes. That being said, I’m having a crush on Diablo, Glory, Lulu and Spiced Eggnog!! Bank account is getting anxious ;)

  2. Wow, 17 shades is a crazy huge collection! ILNP always seems to be nailing it and it’s difficult to choose just one or two favorites when they are all so beautiful. Especially when you are looking at your gorgeous swatches presented so professionally! You nailed these girl :)

  3. These swatches are just stunning! I’m a bit overwhelmed by the choice, but I love After Midnight and Dream Girl especially. Beautiful photos! :)

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