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Oh my.

So I guess I can say it’s been a while. At least here, because I’ve been a little bit more active on the french version of the blog, and on Instagram too. The thing is that I got back to work approximately one year ago, and let me tell you that the life in Dubai is pretty active. I wish my days could last longer so I could have time to do everything I want in a single day. But that’s not the case, and right now I’m finally adjusting. I’ll explain to you more about the life here later on, because today I’m here to share with you my monochrome mani! I loved this month’s theme that the girls from the group chose and I knew I had to participate! So I collected all my white, grey and black nail polishes to see what I could do with them.

Monochrome Nail Art

I thought of many ideas, from gradient to stamping, but I decided to go free-hand! Sometimes it feels good to go with the flow! I decided to go for a pattern that I saw on Pinterest, here exactly,  and to adapt it to my color scheme.

So for these nails I used Alpine Snow and Lady in Black by OPI, Highgray to Heaven by Sally Hansen and Chai by Barry M Cosmetics.

Monochrome Nail Art

I started by applying two thin coats of Alpine Snow. Then directly with the nail polish brush, I created two gray lines on my nails: one with Highgray to Heaven and one with Chai. Then I created the outline of the lightest gray line with Lady in Black, the black nail polish.

Monochrome Nail Art

Monochrome Nail Art

I finished the mani with a matte top coat, the one by OPI. It’s my favorite and it gives that amazing matte & velvety finish that I love so much! It’s a pretty simple mani, and I love that you can simply adapt it to the colors you like!

Monochrome Nail Art

And that’s it! I hope you’ll like it, and please go check below what the other girls did! As usual, they’re amazing!

And I’ll see you around soon, because I promise I’m ready to be back on this part of the blog and there’s a lot I need to share with you!❤❤


OPI, Alpine Snow
OPI, Lady in Black
Barry M Cosmetics, Chai

Sally Hansen, Highgray to Heaven
OPI, Matte Top Coat

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  1. Wow! These are NICE! I bet they looked so good off camera too! Love the matte finish and the boldness of the design! Beautiful Dorra, and HI! I haven’t seen you in what feels like ages!

  2. First, I’m so happy you joined us! Second, free hand…grr I’m kind of mad at you now lol and third, yeah I need more hours in my day too!! xoxo

  3. WHOA, I can’t believe this is freehand! Your lines look sharp enough that I would have thought that you used nail vinyls or tape. I love the addition of the matte as well.

  4. Oh, these are an absolute perfection! The lines are so crisp and the matte finish gives this look a modern feel. You nailed this design sweetheart!

  5. FAB….ulous! So simple, yet so creative and unusual. Color-blocking to a new level. I just LOVE this! And I’ve seen millions of manicures. “Meeyunz o’ manis”! lol Seriously…. great job! *applause*